Banana Raisin Pancakes

Good morning!!
It’s been awhile since I have posted about food. I haven’t been experimenting as much since I’m not in my own home. But, I made some pretty tasty pancakes this morning that I had to share.

I used a pre packaged pancake mix made by Bob’s Red Mill and added in some raisins, bananas, cinnamon and chia seeds.


Here’s how it went down:
1 cup of mix
1 egg
3/4 cup of milk of your choice
1 tbs of coconut oil (mine is from DrVita)
1 tbs of chia seeds
Several sprinkles of cinnamon
1 banana, diced
Raisins – I leave the amount up to your preference

So, here is a note about the coconut oil. You will want to melt it in the microwave before you add it in. When you do add it in, it will probably form chunks when mixed with the cold milk. It didn’t really bother me that much, I just mixed it as much as possible. If you don’t like that, you can substitute applesauce or Greek yogurt.

These were very tasty by themselves, no topping needed. However, feel free to add a little raw honey or pure maple syrup.





Reebok Skyscapes giveaway entry

I love reading other blogs and I’m not normally one to enter a sweepstakes, but these shoes are so cute that I had to try. Reebok has come out with a new shoe called Skyscapes. You can learn more about them on my friend’s awesome blog, Girl Meets Life.

They have so many cute color choices, but I think the black and pink ones are my favorite.


I wear sneakers almost everyday, so these would be such a cute addition to my wardrobe. Check them out online at Reebok or in stores like Kohl’s or JCPenny.


I’ve done a lot for my soul today


It has been a week since I left NYC for Upstate NY. I initially thought I would be picking up shifts at a few stores here in town, but so far, that has not happened. So, for this past week I have had a lot of time to myself. I live by myself in a huge apartment (by NYC standards anyway) and I don’t have a car here so I rely on my sister or father. Every morning I wake up, take my time getting ready, spend quiet time with God – praying and singing worship songs. It has been awesome.

A few posts back I talked about how I had done a lot for my stomach. Since then I have tried to do a lot for other things. My soul especially. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but I have stopped over-eating, I am eating healthier food and eating much less sugar.

I think I traded feeling full in my belly with feeling full in my spirit. Since finding out that I would be leaving for five weeks, I decided to try and spend as much time with the people I love most. Which, in the city, means friends, since I don’t have family there. When I spent more time on my relationships with others my relationship with myself grew. Seems a bit strange, but it totally makes sense to me now. When I spent more time in fellowship with others, I spent more time in fellowship with God and ultimately relinquishing control to God. It is actually quite freeing to not be in control. To let my creator have control again. He will always have my best interest at heart. He will never fail me. I will fail me. Other people will fail me. But, He, He will always have me.

I’m learning to love boldly. It’s still a struggle sometimes but, it sure is a wonderful journey. I am learning to love and honor my friends, and especially my family, BOLDLY, to ask for help BOLDLY, to face my fears BOLDLY, to go for what I want BOLDLY, and to let God take control BOLDLY.

Oh, goodness, that makes me excited. I just want to keep living boldly so that I keep my spirit alive and full.

More than ever, on this beautiful Resurrection Day, I hope you Enjoy Life.

All the world’s a stage

I’m doing a play!

Many of you know that I went to school for theatre and moved to NYC to pursue acting. I have done one reading, two plays and a couple on camera things since moving there. I also got a commercial agent back in January. The fact that I’m actually getting paid to do a show is fantastic. The fact that I get to be in my hometown is even more fantastic. I think. So far, yes. I’m saving money on rent, making money and getting to be with my family. Woo!

I will admit, though, that I’m asking God as I am up here doing this play if acting is what I am called to do. It’s a tough business full of rejection and costs more money to TRY to be an actor than it does to actually be an actor.

As a Christian, I would love to be that person that shares her faith with the world of entertainment. Being able to share the truth and the love of God would be an amazing opportunity. I want people to know that God loves them no matter what. That when people tell them otherwise, they are lying to them and to themselves. As John 3:16 says, God sent his ONLY Son as a sacrifice for us because He loved us SO much. So, why would that ever change? His love is constant!

The ‘business’ always says that if acting isn’t your passion, get out, it’s too hard. Well, God is my passion first and foremost (though, He wasn’t always) and with God, nothing is too hard. I just want to know if that is what God wants me to do.

I know He wanted me to go to NYC. Acting was how he got me there. My church and He are why I’m staying there. So, where does acting fit in? Is that my career? If so, for how long? Do I go back to being a figure skating coach? How do I break into that arena?
(Hah! Pun. That’s a pun.)

For now, I will enjoy my time here. I will keep living day to day, moment to moment because that’s all I can do – is to just be present.

Happy snacking


My former co-worker used to tell me that I was a happy snacker. I would be in the back room munching on something and rotating my torso from left to right. I kind of looked like a five year old just swinging around eating their snack.  Without fail, he would catch me doing it and laugh and say something like, “Hey, happy snacker, whatcha eatin’?” I’d just giggle. Again, I’m actually a five year old.
I love snacks. I, however, am learning the hard way that pastries are not a snack. Apples and peanut butter are, though! I found this brand, Wild Friends, at Wegmans (the best store ever) and had to try it. It only has 5 grams of sugar per two tablespoons, it is Non GMO and it is chocolate. I win! I win!
Seriously, so good! I also buy organic apples. If you buy anything organic, it should be apples. They are part of the dirty dozen.
I also bought myself a plant while I was there. I used to buy little potted plants and put them in the drive thru at Starbucks. My customers loved it. That kind of stuff makes me happy 🙂

What is your favorite new snack?


ladies! No belt loop? No problem!

I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought of this, ladies, but for those that haven’t, this could be a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.  I have not purchased belts that go around my natural waist simply because the end of it just hangs there, swinging in the breeze. I have also cut a belt because I wanted it to behave. I tied a black ribbon around one of my thicker ones to get it to stay in place. Today, however, I put one of those small plastic hair ties on the open end and voila! Instaloop! No more sticky-outy belt!Image

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to tell you.

Enjoy your week!!

Sun dried tomato chicken sausage with sauteed veggies


This was ridiculously easy. Ridiculously tasty. If you have a Trader Joes near you, you can replicate this exactly. If not, the ingredients are so simple, any grocery store should have something similar.
You will need:
Sun dried tomato chicken sausage
Package of kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage and purple cabbage (TJs sells as a whole mixed package in the leafy greens section)
Yellow pepper
Olive oil
Seasonings to taste

1. Start searing your chicken sausage in a pan with a little bit of olive oil.
2. In another pan, heat up some olive oil, add your veggies and your seasoning.

Seriously, that is it. Once it is done cooking, plate it and eat it!

Now, you can make a lot or a little. It depends on how many people you are serving. The raw veggies that you may still have leftover will make a great salad.


My Starbucks “secret menu”


By this point you have probably heard about the Starbucks “secret menu.” I won’t go too far into my opinion on someone asking for a snickers Frappuccino and expecting me to know the recipe. Let’s just say, you need to come prepared with the recipe. We don’t know them. However, I will go into the fact that these recipes are soaked in sugar. I love sugar, but they’ve gone too far. So, as a barista I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to have a delicious beverage without the unnecessary added sugar.

1. The Pooh Bear
It’s one honey packet, steamed soy milk (or dairy if you prefer) and cinnamon sprinkles on top. If they have cinnamon dolce sprinkles, throw some on there, too. You will want to stir everything together to incorporate the honey. Here is how you order: Tall one honey packet, cinnamon (and/or cinnamon dolce) sprinkle, steamed soy milk.

2. Peppermint Hot Chocolate with a twist
No, there is no alcohol in this. The twist is to use refresh tea. I know, right? Weird. But, it is so not weird once you taste it. To order: Tall, one pump mocha, soy (or other milk preference), no water, refresh tea misto.
*our soy is sweet, so if you use dairy, you may want to add a half a pump of vanilla because mocha is a dark chocolate. Or, get super fancy and do a half a pump of white mocha and half a pump of mocha to get a milk chocolate taste. It’s up to you.

3. Tea misto/tea latte
A lot of people don’t know about this, but you will have one up on everyone else. I recommend sharing the love and telling your friends. This is so simple. Choose any of our teas (except passion tea – milk with passion tea is gross) and just add your choice of steamed milk. The secret behind this drink is that many people order a tea latte without the sugar added. That’s great, but you are paying for syrup that you aren’t getting. That’s silly. Stop paying for that. So, I will give you my favorite: Tall, soy, no water, calm tea misto. Soy is sweet, so no need for honey. If you get dairy, ask for a honey packet and you can add it to taste.

4. No sugar chai tea latte
This is going to sound very familiar. That’s because it is the same as the last one. I made it separate so that you know you have a sugar free option if you love chai tea lattes.  You can sweeten it a little bit if you like. Use honey or my absolute favorite combo is chai and cinnamon dolce. Just ask for one pump of cinnamon dolce (or sugar free c.d. if you are okay with splenda). To order: Tall, soy, chai tea misto. To order it like me: Tall, one pump (sugar free) cinnamon dolce, soy, no water chai tea misto.

* My recipes are for a tall size, but adjust it accordingly if you want a bigger size.

** If you do want something off of the secret menu, I suggest lowering the amount of each syrup that goes in. It will still taste the same.

That’s what I have for now. If I discover more, I will be sure to post it!