Alright people, wrap it up!

ImageNo, no, no! I don’t mean stop what you are doing (because clearly you are reading this post – why would I want that to stop??). I mean put your food in a wrap. You won’t regret it!

I had a whole bunch of random things that needed using and came up with this glorious concoction. I kind of like just throwing things together and seeing how they come out. Oh, man. This. Is. Fantastic! Here’s what I did to make my “Mexican wrap:”

First I put a Hilary’s Eat Well veggie burger (or any one, but this has far less processed junk in it) into my toaster oven for a few minutes.
I had some leftover quinoa and some bean salad, so I mixed that together and warmed it up a bit in the microwave.
Once the burger finished I let it cool a bit while my Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain tortilla toasted. Only leave it in for about a minute, longer if you want it to be crispier.
As soon as you take it out (be careful, it will be hot) carefully roll it up and keep some pressure on it so that it cools in wrap formation. This will make your life easier when trying to roll it up. Next, I spread on some Tribe zesty lemon hummus, added my quinoa/bean salad, broke my burger into pieces, added some organic kale and layered on some organic spicy salsa. Then, I wrapped it up! That’s it!! Totally delicious, totally filling and totally easy!